Chavez Care supplies your Palm Trees with vital skinning, sculpting, and pruning – Our company does it all! We are proficient in properly caring for many different varieties of Palm Trees in Northern California. In pruning your palms, we will: remove fruit, dead fronds, and seed pods; allowing your palm to divert its energy to the more important reproduction of foliage, and renewal of root and trunk tissue. Other palm services include the aesthetic side including: diamond cutting on Date Palms, sculpting and shaping the Canary Island Date Palms, and skinning of the Mexican Fan Palms – Giving your palm its best look!


At Chavez Tree Care, Inc. we have a broad reach of serviceability constructed to supply your trees with the proper protection, nutrients, and conditions each tree needs to be able to thrive and grow. Services include: herbicide and miticide treatments, weed control, fertilization, and fruit elimination. Our Tree care specialists will appraise your land and will establish a personalized plant care program that will assure that your trees will be acquiring the proper nutrients needed to preserve its natural beauty.


Chavez Care suggests mulching functioning as an effortless way of keeping your garden beautiful and healthy. Applying a layer of mulch on the top of your soil will provide many beneficial nutrients. There are two different types of mulch including inorganic and organic. Organic mulch includes materials such as grass clippings, bark chips, straw, etc.; Where inorganic much could be stones, plastic, and brick chips. However, both inorganic and organic have many benefits.

Emergency Service/Storm Damage

At Chavez Tree Care, Inc. we have crews that are available to handle any emergency situation during any time or day. Unstable trees are dangerous and could cause devastation to persons or surrounding property, they are especially susceptible during times of extreme fluctuation in temperature or some forceful winds that prevail in the Northern California region. Our team is on call 24/7 in order to help you and your property in emergency and dangerous situations.

Fuel Reduction Services

Fuel Reduction projects are a means of mitigating wildfire hazards, trying to prevent catastrophic fire by removing excess growth. Thus creating a safer area by slowing down burns in dry areas where the trees and forest are thick.